5 Summit Tips and Strategies

You can use at the National Publicity Summit

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The video features Jess Todtfeld, former TV producer turned media trainer, Guinness Record setter for publicity, and 4 time author.

I also have a special pre-summit event happening on the Tuesday before the Summit (Tuesday, October 25th, 2016)

  • Learn how to be in the TOP 5% of Summit Attendees. These are the people who learn how to keep the relationship with the media going.
  • Learn how to SHOW UP media ready at the Summit (and be prepared for being booked as a guest).
  • Create 5 YouTube Videos you can use to show producers what you’ll be like in an interview. (We’ll help you look great.)
  • And much more. Keep reading below. We have limited attendance. If you want to join, please reach out to us.

Click below to hear what past attendees walked away with:

Howard Kaplan – Financial Consultant

“At the Summit I felt more confident or comfortable than anyone there…”

Holly Holden- Interior Design Consultant

“I learned about speaking in sound bites, how to look, act… most of all… confidence .”

Virginia Clarke – Career Management Consultant

“I used the techniques yesterday at the Summit… Sound Bites.”

“…it took the anxiousness out and gave me such confidence.”

This workshop takes place Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 – ONE DAY BEFORE the Summit.

You must call or email to see if there’s availability left.


At the end of the day, while you’re looking your best, we will shoot 5 short
YouTube interview videos you can use to show producers.  (That’s an additional $2500 value.)

A Killer TV Interview / Demo Video Makes You Look Like a Pro

During the full day workshop we give you the skills to look and sound media ready when you approach producers.
When the session is over, we will include a bonus.

We will film and coach you through 5 YouTube style videos talking about your topic.


You will stand in front of this background.

You will be coached so that you have 5 slick looking, high definition videos.

You can use these videos:

  • To show producers you are someone who will make them look good
  • To start your own YouTube channel
  • On your web site to make it more interesting and more dynamic
  • In email newsletters and marketing promotions

This service is a $2500 value and is included. Many of our attendees have felt that the day was more than worth its value just based on this bonus.


This workshop can help you:

  • Look and sound like someone the media respects
  • Eliminate fears
  • Reduce tension
  • Reduce the amount of time preparing for future interviews
  • Feel confident that you ARE a great interview subject
  • Never get misquoted
  • Get the exact quotes you want in the media
  • Command professional respect
  • Convey style AND substance
  • Create more tangible results from interviews… like sales or web traffic
  • Keep your skills honed on an ongoing basis via our support services

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • This 8-hour interactive workshop covers tips, tricks, and strategies for looking “media-ready” at the Summit and after. We get very specific about what you need to do.
  •  We’ll teach you a system to focus in on the most effective media messages.
  •  We’ll teach the 12 MOST important elements for handling interviews and Controlling your message.
  •  Learn 10 Elements for creating irresistible “Sound Bites” or “Quotes” for print.
  •  We’ll go beyond traditional “Bridging” techniques (The art of staying on track and “on message”).
  •  How to improve body language – we won’t just talk about it, we’ll get you looking better on camera
  •  Identify loaded questions
  •  Handle hostile interviews
  •  Improve wardrobe
  •  Use makeup
  •  Be more persuasive
  •  Reduce nervousness
  •  Build a media strategy
  •  BEST OF ALL … We’ll give you what no other media trainer focuses on … Solid, Specific Techniques on HOW TO TURN INTERVIEWS into SALES.

What Situations Will This Workshop Prepare You For?

The main goal and purpose of this workshop is to get you media ready so you can ace ANY media interview. Our techniques work for print, radio, TV and internet / new media interviews.

What does it mean to ace an interview? That means you’ve decided in advance which of your messages you want to see in the story, have the ability to re-package them in the exact format that the media knows how to use them (as quotes or sound bites), and can get the job done, get the quotes and sound bites you want in a story. That’s control.

That’s what we teach.

This workshop gives business executives, experts, authors, and authorities the tools they you to feel totally in control during interviews.

You must first decide what you really and truly want to get out of ever media situation before you can make action happen.

  • Newspaper interviews
  • Live TV
  • Trade publication interviews
  • TV talk shows
  • Celebrity appearances
  • In-studio interviews
  • Live radio
  • Editorial board meetings
  • Radio talk shows
  • Internet interviews
  • Edited news programs
  • Training videos
  • Telephone interviews
  • Infomercials
  • Press conferences
  • Book tours
  • Spokesperson training
  • Sales presentations
  • Product announcements
  • Ambush interviews
  • New Media Interviews

Here’s what you can expect:


The coach/trainer will provide techniques, tips and guidelines on each aspect of effective media communication. The trainees will then engage in simulated media interviews, while being videotaped. Next, the trainer will provide a definitive critique of each trainee’s performance with immediate feedback and performance enhancement instructions. The trainees will be interviewed and videotaped numerous times throughout the day.

Program Schedule

(Videotaping & Critique Process repeated throughout each module.)





  • Present yourself well in interviews
  • Rules of context
  • Emanating confidence, credibility, composure and competence
  • Master body language and voice techniques

Participant will do a mock interview.

Interview is videotaped and followed by constructive critiques.





  • Learn to create an effective media message
  • Understand the 13 essential elements reporters look for
  • Be able to narrow all your messages down into your most important key messages
  • Bring focus to your key messages

Participant will do another mock interview.

Interview is videotaped and followed by constructive critiques.





  • Stop worrying about the questions that might be asked. Have a system to get to the answers you want. (Ones you’ve decided upon in advance)
  • Get the answers you want into interviews WITHOUT dodging questions. (Doing that would make the media hate you… not the goal at all.)
  • Learn to maintain control over the interview
  • Learn 10 different “bridging” techniques

Participant will do another mock interview.

Interview is videotaped and followed by constructive critiques.





  • Understand the 10 principles for getting quoted
  • Use those 10 principles to craft sound bites and quotes in the exact format that the media knows what to do with them. Crafting these are essential to your interview
  • Learn why it’s not enough to simply “stay on message”

Participant will do another mock interview.

Interview is videotaped and followed by constructive critiques.





  • Learn techniques to plug a book or product without sounding like your plugging
  • How to get the media to do the plugging for you!
  • How to get the audience to give you their email addresses so you can market to them more than once
  • Instructor will give you individual strategies for leveraging every media interview

Participant will do another mock interview.

Interview is videotaped and followed by constructive critiques.


We’ll Get You On Camera at Least 8 Times during the training!

If people learn by doing, wouldn’t you want to get as much on-camera time during the training as possible?


Trainee will receive:

Individual Needs Assessment. To be filled out by trainee.

Questionnaire will help both you and the trainer. By assessing your unique needs, skill levels, experiences and special requirements before hand, more of the training day can be spent having you practice techniques.

Many workshops will spend the first hour talking about your needs and goals. We will have done that in advance. This is yet another way we maximize the very valuable time of our clients.


Before the day even arrives, we’ll give your the following:


Digital Handbooks

  • Electronic Version Handbook, “47 ways to Leverage Media Interviews”
  • “Media Training A-Z” book
  • 24 Most Essential Elements for emailing the media


  • “TV Basics Part 1” & “TV Basics Part 2”, “Telephone Interviews” plus “Begin with the End in Mind… Road Map for Your Interview ” (Sample Videos available upon request.)


  • “Controlling Your Message”


Our “365 Solution.” (1 year of post-training help.)

We don’t want you to forget what you learned!

Here’s how we keep you getting better and better:

After the Training, You’ll Get Ongoing Videos, Audios, and Articles

After the workshop, you will customize your own personal follow-up training program with your instructor. You can choose to receive a new online training video (1-3 minutes) once a month or once a week. These videos are perfect for watching on the computer, or iPod.

You may prefer to receive the follow-up training lessons in an audio format (1-3 minutes). You can choose between monthly, weekly or daily audio tutorials that are perfect for listening to on your iPod or computer.

You may prefer to receive short articles to keep you on track. You can receive any of these either ONCE A MONTH, or even ONCE A WEEK.


We’ll give you all the follow-up training for 1 Whole Year !

Why would we do this? It must cost our company tens of thousands of dollars to create this much content? It does. It’s worth it though. That’s how committed we are to making sure you don’t forget what you learned and get better and better. That’s part of what has made us the leader in Media Training.

This is one of the unique benefits of the Success In Media experience – your skills continue to grow long after the formal, in-person training session has ended. You will continually gain more confidence and more skill in your ability to control your message and image in every media encounter.

Success In Media Will Also Provide a
One-Year Diagnostic With Your Follow-up Training

All trainees will receive a quarterly diagnostic for one year after their training at Success In Media.

The purpose of the diagnostic is to help trainees in the following areas:

  • Staying focused on media skill strengths
  • Creating awareness of areas of weakness
  • Assessing media skill goals
  • Maintaining constant improvement


This workshop takes place Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


At the end of the day, while you’re looking your best, we will shoot 5 short
YouTube interview videos you can use to show producers . (That’s an additional $2500 value.)

What other past attendees are saying… 

Larry Crisp – Six Figure Business Consultant

“Just what I learned before lunch was worth the price of admission.”


Jane Cranston – NYC Executive Career Coach

 “I felt like I had a real mentor … and lots and lots of practice.”

Stuart Friedman – Author, “Job Jail…8 Proven Steps to Freedom.”

 “I feel like I’m always ready now and know my media messages.”






Avoid the Pitfalls


They think that Media Training or “Media Coaching” is ONLY about helping people do a great job in interviews.

Unfortunately, that’s only part of it. Interviews, like anything in life have a BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END.

The payoff is results. That could be selling your book or getting people to your website!

The Beginning: PITCHING. We’ll teach you specific techniques on how to turn your BOOK or topic into something the media WANTS and NEEDS to cover.

The Middle: THE ACTUAL INTERVIEW. Yes! You got a media interview.

NOW WHAT?!! We’ll get specific on how to find and focus your MESSAGE, how to create SOUND BITES that SELL, and deal with ANY pitfall you may encounter. People who “wing it” are not trying to sell books.

The End: Leveraging Interviews. TURN INTERVIEWS INTO SALES.

Few Media Coaches realize how important this part is. THIS IS WHY YOU WANT THE MEDIA TO COVER YOU! Again, we get SPECIFIC on techniques you can’t afford NOT to know. These techniques will reward you for years to come, and set you up to sell future books, products, services, and seminars …

Sales: Isn’t that really WHY you would want to get in front of the media.

During this workshop, We’ll take you through the WHOLE process.


This workshop takes place Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Your Host, Jess Todtfeld – Media Trainer, #1 best selling Author,
Former National TV Producer, Guinness Record Setter


Jess Todtfeld is founder, President, and
Lead Media Trainer for Success In Media, Inc.

The Washington Post has called Jess Todtfeld a “Media Training Expert.”

The Washington Times has called him a “Public Relations Maven.” Jess helps CEOs, business executives, spokespeople, public relations reps, experts, authors, and inventors to not just do a better job when working with the media … but to CONTROL THE MEDIA. On a daily basis, Jess helps people to propel their business forward by helping them to make the media work FOR them instead of against them.

Through Success in Media, Jess conducts workshops and gives speeches on topics such as:

  • Secrets to Getting Booked on Television
  • How to Control the Media
  • Pitch Perfection: 21st Century Tools for Pitching the Media
  • Successful Interviews Lead to Callbacks
  • PR Marketing Insider’s Strategies for Showing up Everywhere
  • How to Turn Interviews Into Sales


In 2010, Jess was named host of “America’s Premier Experts,” a syndicated TV program featuring business leaders in every field. The program appears on CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX stations across the U.S.

In 2009, Todtfeld became a #1 best selling author with the release of his third book. During the promotion of the book, he set a GUINNESS RECORD for most radio interviews in a single day -112 lasting 4 minutes long or longer. (More than most people do in a year.)

Jess brings with him 13 years of experience as a television producer on the national level for networks including ABC, NBC, and FOX. During that time he booked and produced over 4,000 segments. During his seven years at Cable TV’s #1 Morning Show “FOX & Friends,” at FOX News Channel, Jess worked with celebrities, politicians, and news makers.

Prior to joining “FOX & Friends” in 1998, Jess spent two years with Cable’s #1 prime time show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” While there, Jess saw many guests that could have benefited from proper media training. Before making his way to FOX News Channel, Jess spent two years at the NBC’s cable channel “America’s Talking.” The format exclusively featured talk shows. Jess worked as an Associate Producer on their quirky morning show, “What’s New,” and later on their late night talk show, “After Hours.” The shows’ producers found Jess to be entertaining and ended up putting him on the air almost daily. First, Jess was the “Across the Street Correspondent.” He would talk to real people, live on the air from across the street from the studio. Jess went on to shoot humorous packages that featured him as talent.

Some of Jess’ accomplishments:

  • Media Trainer / Consultant for CEOs, U.N. Officials, Experts & Authors
  • 13 years as producer in National Television
  • Association with 2 top rated television programs
  • Helped launch 2 cable networks & 3 television programs
  • Speaker / Lecturer for events, seminars, and conventions
  • Conducted media workshops for some of New York’s
  • Worked for top public relations companies
  • Author of 3 Books including “Media Training A to Z”
  • 2009 #1 best selling author in USA Today, #2 Wall Street Journal, #6 Business Week Magazine

Jess practices what he preaches. He not only shows people how to best speak to the media, he appears in media stories almost weekly. One recent AP Television story was seen in markets across the U.S.


Speaking about 21st Century Press Kits and Media Training.



Jess Todtfeld is also a sought after speaker and a part of a number of nationally recognized organizations.


DEMO VIDEO you can show to Producers!

Many producers will ask for a video examples showing you in an interview situation. After taking the workshop, everything you learned will be fresh in your mind.

We can shoot a series of short videos showing you looking poised and in control. This footage will be uploaded to YouTube during your time at the Summit so you can show producers video examples of you looking great! When producers ask to see your footage, they won’t have to wait for a DVD show up in the mail. You can give them a link to fresh footage of you at your best.

That’s what we charge to do a stand-alone video like this.
Included When You Register!!!

Our Secret Sauce:

Imagine that you get a daylong, personalized tennis lesson from Serena Williams or swimming lessons from Michael Phelps. That would be great, right? But what would happen if you didn’t play or swim for 6 months or receive any more lessons? Your skills would be right back where it was the day before your lesson. That’s the problem with most conventional media trainings; they end at 5:00 p.m.. The trainee leaves with a temporary “high” feeling. But then, the very next day, the skills learned in the training begin to fade. A few months later, the trainee is no better off than the day before the training.

Success In Media has created a personalized, on-going, multimedia training program that is tailored to your exact short-term and long-term needs and wants. After the training session you will get to create your own personal follow-up training programming with your instructor. You can reach out to us before that next big interview and get right back into the mindset from the training day. You will also have tools throughout the year to fall back on when you need them.




Can’t wait to see you at the workshop on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
Remember, the workshop is LIMITED. Unfortunately, we’ll be closing registrations

Don’t wait and get locked out.  Register TODAY:


ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED to no more than 30 participants!

Questions? Call or Email Jess directly:
1 (800) 369-3421 or Jess@SuccessInMedia.com

Jess Todtfeld